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Kallar, Kerala, India

One of the highlights of this trip to India was a night at the river house in Kallar. Within 24 hours, we were lucky enough to play in the sunshine, and relax in the rain. We swam in crystal clear water, hiked the countryside, watched the rain fall while sipping tea from the patio. We’ve added this one to our must-do every time we make it back overseas… a list that just keeps growing…

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Palakkad, Kerala, India

When we visit India, one of our first stops is Palakkad to see Nirmal’s family. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited– but then again I am a sucker for palm trees, colorful flowers, and beautiful, green countryside around every corner, as far as the eye can see. So if you like that kind of thing too, hopefully you’ll enjoy this post! And, if these don’t satisfy your palm tree cravings, scroll through our India Instagrams for a few iPhone photos.

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After shooting for over 4 years, I still didn’t have a good photo of my parents. Daytona changed that dilemma real fast. We took a detour on our ride back from Disney and drove through Daytona Beach. The beach was pretty deserted because it was freezing. This didn’t stop us from getting out and taking some photos of the family. Who knew my dad was a model and didn’t mind posing for me? Probably the best photo I got of him ever. I am lucky enough to have a portrait of him which I can cherish forever. I cannot stress how important it is to get pictures of people you love. No matter what you take it with – a fancy dslr, an old film camera, your phone – whatever you take it with, it will be totally worth it. Go get them portraits!

Daytona-1 Daytona-2

Universal and Disney World

Right after we got married, since we had like a 1000 people (actually 4) visit from India, a road trip was mandatory. Unfortunately, since we were honeymooning in Quebec within days, my wife decided not to join us on the trip. It was definitely a tough decision, and I considered not going. However, in the end I decided to go with the group. I cannot stress how glad I am that I made that decision. It was my last vacation with my dad and every minute of the trip was worth it. Disney has always been on my parents list and being able to do it along with their closest friends and relatives made them very happy. Who cares that they didn’t ride a majority of the rides? Who cares that the weather was below freezing and we had to be bundled up? Who cares that back home, my brother’s house had a pipe burst and flood his garage? Not us!

These days, when I go back through the images, I can hear my dad say “You told me Florida was warm!” Fake out, dad.