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After shooting for over 4 years, I still didn’t have a good photo of my parents. Daytona changed that dilemma real fast. We took a detour on our ride back from Disney and drove through Daytona Beach. The beach was pretty deserted because it was freezing. This didn’t stop us from getting out and taking some photos of the family. Who knew my dad was a model and didn’t mind posing for me? Probably the best photo I got of him ever. I am lucky enough to have a portrait of him which I can cherish forever. I cannot stress how important it is to get pictures of people you love. No matter what you take it with – a fancy dslr, an old film camera, your phone – whatever you take it with, it will be totally worth it. Go get them portraits!

Daytona-1 Daytona-2

Universal and Disney World

Right after we got married, since we had like a 1000 people (actually 4) visit from India, a road trip was mandatory. Unfortunately, since we were honeymooning in Quebec within days, my wife decided not to join us on the trip. It was definitely a tough decision, and I considered not going. However, in the end I decided to go with the group. I cannot stress how glad I am that I made that decision. It was my last vacation with my dad and every minute of the trip was worth it. Disney has always been on my parents list and being able to do it along with their closest friends and relatives made them very happy. Who cares that they didn’t ride a majority of the rides? Who cares that the weather was below freezing and we had to be bundled up? Who cares that back home, my brother’s house had a pipe burst and flood his garage? Not us!

These days, when I go back through the images, I can hear my dad say “You told me Florida was warm!” Fake out, dad.



Man, we love us some newborns! Look at these cuddly chubby cheeks and itty bitty baby fingers. Harrison is maximum cuteness, and his parents are maximum funny. We had such a good time posing Harrison and hanging out with his mom & dad. And just in time for Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for a Santa Newborn cameo a little further down…


FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1c FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1d


As promised, newborn photos! She peacefully snoozed through almost the entire session, except for a handful of very short times. And when she woke up, she woke up yawning. Adorably. Hope you guys enjoy these photos of beautiful Aanya!

FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-2



Not so long ago, these two lovebirds tied the knot, and today you all get to meet their newest family member, Denton Charles. Check out his beautiful, sleeping face– you guys, he kept smiling in his dreams. Dreamy little baby grins. Try to tell me you’ve ever seen anything sweeter.



ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-1 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-8

ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-10 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-15


ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-20 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-22


Grier Family

You’ve seen these faces here before. This time, though, there’s a new member: the 3 month old beautiful blue-eyed, Lilly! Jackson & Connor are two super silly and totally loveable boys who I know their baby sister will adore, and of course vice versa– they’re a lucky little trio. And I’m one lucky photographer getting to run around with this crowd, they’re a fun bunch with beautiful smiles, which makes my job oh-so easy!
ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (1)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (10) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (13)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (5) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (17)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (3) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (4)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (9)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (12) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (15)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (14) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (11)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (18)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (16) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (19)

Woody, Julie & Claire (and gang)

Please (pretty please) let me introduce you guys to Claire, with her stunning blue eyes and adorably toothy grin. We headed a little west of Carrollton, GA to the Shiloh Walking Trail where she posed alongside her parents, Julie & Woody, who are some of the cutest parents alive– I completely adore this family. In addition to capturing photos of her family of 3, Julie wanted a family photo with her brothers, their wives, mom & dad, and all 6 awesome grandbabies. Meet sweet Claire and her super cute family:

ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-4aESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-4 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-5ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-22ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-9ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-10ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-17 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-6 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-20ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-7 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-8ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-13


As promised in our last post, you may now fall in love with the big brown eyes of beautiful Rayna, along with her proud mom & dad, and I’ll even toss in a cameo of the doting grandparents– such a gorgeous and super sweet family. Congratulations you guys, she’s absolutely perfect!

ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-3 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-12 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-13 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-2 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-4 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-9ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-11ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-8ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-6

Beth + Devon

Adorable Devon and his beautiful mom, Beth, came to hang out with us while we took some pictures of just the two of them doing what they do best: hanging out, goofing off, loving each other. And we, of course, loved every minute of it! Such cuteness!

WM20111016 BethDevin-30

We quickly learned that Devon is a super fun boy’s boy, constantly on the go, not stopping for a second, always looking for the next height to jump from and beam to balance on … and camera to run away from Winking smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-14
WM20111016 BethDevin-15
So obviously everyone loves the giant smiles and crazy faces that energy overload brings out in photos. But an equal favorite of ours is that post-run-around, brink of exhaustion, looking straight into the camera for a super sweet second. Just. Like. This.

WM20111016 BethDevin-23

And moments like this…
WM20111016 BethDevin-4 WM20111016 BethDevin-3
Of course that only lasts for a second, because a 6 year old’s tank does the Empty to Full refill in 1.6 seconds Smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-43 WM20111016 BethDevin-45
WM20111016 BethDevin-55
Beth and Devon, we’ll happily chase you two around with a camera anytime! Seriously: any! time!
WM20111016 BethDevin-49 WM20111016 BethDevin-22
WM20111016 BethDevin-31


Meet Marlee. Take all the time you’d like to ooh and ahh over this squishy, cuddly little newborn with her adorable little newborn fingers and toes.

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-4WM20110619 MarleeDollar-3

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-18
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-5WM20110619 MarleeDollar-34
This little girl is lucky enough to have been born to two hilarious and brilliant parents, with an equally as funny and brilliant older brother, Mason.
They’re one of those smart, funny, adorable families everyone wants to be …or at least be best friends with 🙂
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-21WM20110619 MarleeDollar-44WM20110619 MarleeDollar-43
Mason finds it endlessly entertaining that his new baby sister doesn’t always find it necessary to open both eyes at the same time.
In the above center picture, he’s doing his best Marlee-Popeye imitation. And before long, he had the whole family joining in.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-28
Sleep all you can now, Miss Marlee, rest up for this goofy, fun, sweet life ahead of you.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-7 
Sweet moments with mom, dad and brother.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-26 WM20110619 MarleeDollar-29
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-41
Can’t wait to watch you grow, Marlee! You’re a lucky little girl with an awesome, loving family to grow up with.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-46

The Griers: Julie, Adam, Jackson & Connor

WM 20110409 Grier 022
Racing games, hide and seek, upside down smiles, children frozen in mid-flight, the beautiful Oglethorpe campus, plus the two amazing parents were all highlights of this shoot.
Julie and her family are not only super photogenic, but pure fun to be around.
WM 20110409 Grier 018 WM 20110409 Grier 008 WM 20110409 Grier 021
The youngest, Connor, was a little shy in the beginning, but warmed up and owned the camera towards the end.
WM 20110409 Grier 009
He was probably just waiting for his older brother, Jackson, to wear himself out.
WM 20110409 Grier 015 WM 20110409 Grier 016 WM 20110409 Grier 017
…as we soon realized (and as Julie and Adam already well knew) these kids are on full throttle, all the time.
WM 20110409 Grier 011 WM 20110409 Grier 010
Both Adam and Julie, having worked on campus in the past, knew it well and took us to all the right spots, while the kids took care of the rest, resulting in some awesome experiences (and fun pictures!) which we can only hope to repeat with future families.
WM 20110409 Grier 005 WM 20110409 Grier 004
We left this photoshoot wishing it had never ended. Thanks so much Julie and Adam for letting us take your pictures and thanks Jackson and Connor for giving us pictures that are going to keep us laughing for a long time coming.
WM 20110409 Grier 013