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Newborn sessions tend to take the most time and undoubtedly the most patience, and I, for one, can’t think of anything I’d rather spend my time doing. First-time parents Jenn & Kevin seem like old pros, but I guess how can you not when your main job is to love this sweet face.

F+L20160320 Eleanor_Newborn_Blog-1F+L20160320 Eleanor_Newborn_Blog-2



Be warned: your newborn photo session might be 90% baby toes. We can’t help ourselves. They are The Cutest. Capitalized. Maybe toes tie with yawns. We love them both. Newborns are our jam. The sweetest new parent cuddles, sleeping baby grins, teeny tiny toes, the gigantic yawns… take a look for yourself.

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Meet the newest, sweetest, tiniest Cherry. She had a tiny tummy ache, which seemed to be soothed pretty quickly by cuddles and big brother smooches. Newborns, you guys, GAH. I can’t.

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Aarav’s shoot was a breeze. His sister definitely helped set the scene and I think our favorite shot is the two of them sleeping amidst all the teddy bears. Absolutely love it. Enjoy this one and keep an eye out for Aarav. Daddy has already started coaching him in cricket. The next American cricketer has arrived.

AaravNewBorn1.jpg-1 AaravNewBorn1.jpg-2


Aren’t newborn yawns the best? Sweet Meadow was a tiny bit restless on this cold, rainy afternoon, but after enough photo-shooting and costume changes, she was finally ready for her long-awaited nap. And that’s when my favorite newborn photos happen 🙂 Enjoy!

FL20141123 Meadow_Newborn_BlogCollages-1 FL20141123 Meadow_Newborn_BlogCollages-2


Man, we love us some newborns! Look at these cuddly chubby cheeks and itty bitty baby fingers. Harrison is maximum cuteness, and his parents are maximum funny. We had such a good time posing Harrison and hanging out with his mom & dad. And just in time for Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for a Santa Newborn cameo a little further down…


FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1c FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1d


As promised, newborn photos! She peacefully snoozed through almost the entire session, except for a handful of very short times. And when she woke up, she woke up yawning. Adorably. Hope you guys enjoy these photos of beautiful Aanya!

FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-2



Not so long ago, these two lovebirds tied the knot, and today you all get to meet their newest family member, Denton Charles. Check out his beautiful, sleeping face– you guys, he kept smiling in his dreams. Dreamy little baby grins. Try to tell me you’ve ever seen anything sweeter.



ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-1 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-8

ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-10 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-15


ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-20 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-22



As promised in our last post, you may now fall in love with the big brown eyes of beautiful Rayna, along with her proud mom & dad, and I’ll even toss in a cameo of the doting grandparents– such a gorgeous and super sweet family. Congratulations you guys, she’s absolutely perfect!

ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-3 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-12 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-13 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-2 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-4 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-9ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-11ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-8ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-6


Meet Marlee. Take all the time you’d like to ooh and ahh over this squishy, cuddly little newborn with her adorable little newborn fingers and toes.

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-4WM20110619 MarleeDollar-3

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-18
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-5WM20110619 MarleeDollar-34
This little girl is lucky enough to have been born to two hilarious and brilliant parents, with an equally as funny and brilliant older brother, Mason.
They’re one of those smart, funny, adorable families everyone wants to be …or at least be best friends with 🙂
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-21WM20110619 MarleeDollar-44WM20110619 MarleeDollar-43
Mason finds it endlessly entertaining that his new baby sister doesn’t always find it necessary to open both eyes at the same time.
In the above center picture, he’s doing his best Marlee-Popeye imitation. And before long, he had the whole family joining in.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-28
Sleep all you can now, Miss Marlee, rest up for this goofy, fun, sweet life ahead of you.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-7 
Sweet moments with mom, dad and brother.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-26 WM20110619 MarleeDollar-29
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-41
Can’t wait to watch you grow, Marlee! You’re a lucky little girl with an awesome, loving family to grow up with.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-46