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Boski + Dhrunal

These two are getting married in Pennsylvania next August, but we first celebrated their engagement in style. Just look at all the details and work on her gorgeous sari. And the smiles in their eyes.




Shruti + Nilesh

We just got to spend the most amazing Labor Day weekend in Greenville, SC at the wedding of this crazy cute couple. (That’s crazy-cute, btw, not like crazy!! dotdotdot and cute. You know… just… for the record 😉 ).
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-104
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-101 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-100
They really are so much fun, both so friendly and funny, laughing alllll the time. And, have I mentioned, brilliant? There is seriously a whole lotta brain between these two! So these photos are from their engagement shoot where we spent the morning wandering around Atlanta, focusing a lot of our time on the Georgia Tech campus where they met.
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-14
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-22 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-65
This just may have set the record for our longest engagement session ever. (Luckily, we started it off right with a box of the amaaazing specialty doughnuts from Sublime Doughnuts. If you haven’t been, and live anywhere near Atlanta, go, and go now. And get the sweet potato doughnut. Trust me. Brown sugar, cream cheese heaven. Heaven!!!) Aaaand. Back to Shruti & Nilesh’s love.
It was so hard to wrap up this shoot because, aside from these two being such a ridiculously good looking couple, not to mention down for all the crazy pose ideas we wanted to try, they’re just so much fun to be around… as I’m sure their 10 groomsmen/bridesmaids each, in addition to the hundreds more adoring friends and family members who attended the wedding this weekend would gladly attest to.

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-25

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-61 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-27
You guys are seriously adorable.
Thanks so much for trusting us with your photos and for inviting us along for your incredible celebration. We can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had, and how incredibly welcoming and friendly both of your families are. It was truly an awesome weekend. We wish you two all the very best. Now that the big part is done, kick back, relax and have a blast on your honeymoon!

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-35
P.S. Did you notice we’re trying out our new logo (giant thanks to Erin Harden for all your long, hard work and patience with our indecisiveness!)– what do you guys think???

Saras + Paawan

This shoot was nostalgic to myself and our couple because we went back to Southern Poly. Many may not know this, but Pawaan and I actually go waaaaaaay back. I would almost call us diaper friends. (Editor’s note [i.e. Erin here]: You guys wore diapers in college?? Come on. 🙂 Continue, please…) So Saras, you may win his love but I win the battle of whohasknownhimthelongest.
WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (15) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (14)
This was also a special shoot for us because it was our first studio photo shoot. We started off in the studio capturing Saras adorned in a stunning  Indian saree and beautiful jewelry.

WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (32)

Following a successful studio session, the SPSU campus was another stage to be conquered. We drew inspiration from nostalgic memories, and their love served as an ever-present muse.

  WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (3) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (2)
The casual attire brought out another side of the couple’s personalities, which, tag-teaming with the amazing sunset glow, set the mood for some phenomenal pictures.
 WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (23)
WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (22) WM 20110417 ESP SarasPaawan (13)

Loved the shoot guys and can’t wait for the wedding!!

Hannah + Shawn

I’ve know Hannah and her family for more years than I can even count. (Well, I can count, but I can’t actually remember how long it’s been. Maybe something like 20 years?) They are easily some of my favorite people… ever.
They’re one of those families you can just feel the love oozing out of, you know?  And the laughs are just as abundant? Just what family’s all about.
From the looks of things, Shawn fits in juuust fine.

20110425 HannahShawn (27)

20110425 HannahShawn (8) 20110425 HannahShawn (11) 20110425 HannahShawn (9)
We scheduled this session for one evening, completely unprepared for the off & on (insane) spring downpours that came out of nowhere just a couple of hours before the shoot. Luckily, Hannah & Shawn were amazing, go-with-the-flow champs.
20110425 HannahShawn (20)
We tried to get as many shots in as we could before the clouds dumped again.
All in all, I think we did alright…
20110425 HannahShawn (13b)
20110425 HannahShawn (21)  20110425 HannahShawn (26)
We wrapped it up with a little impromptu railroad fun just as the rain drops started again…
20110425 HannahShawn (31)
 20110425 HannahShawn (29)
We can’t wait for the wedding, guys! Thanks so much for showing off your best poses for us, it was so much fun!