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Jenn + Kevin

We tend to schedule sessions outside, chasing kids around parks, posing newly engaged couples beneath trees, which of course we love. But these two wanted their photos at home, and I love how they turned out. Besides the fact it was bitingly cold outside that day (you know, as biting as Atlanta gets), their home is so stylish and cozy and full of a sentimentality that makes the moments they share in these photos that much more special– quiet moments in their baby girl’s nursery, the stunning bench/church pew that Jenn’s grandparents got from her great-grandparents’ church. We can’t wait to photograph their baby girl in a few weeks on that bench, and in her nursery and, of course, in her parents’ arms.

20160110 Leipow Maternity_Blog-120160110 Leipow Maternity_Blog-2

Amanda + Chris

We love watching our families grow. We started with the Cherry wedding back in 2012, a newborn a year later, and here’s another maternity… which of course means there’s a 2nd newborn on the way, this time with big brother watching over everyone.

F+L20150718 AmandaChris Maternity_Blog.jpg-1F+L20150718 AmandaChris Maternity_Blog.jpg-2

Jalpa + Kunal

These two three have been here before, and they’ll be here again as soon as their 4th family member arrives! This time we ran around the park until we were all too tired to run anymore, which is our preferred way to photo shoot.

F+L20150621 JalpaKunal Maternity_Blog.jpg-1F+L20150621 JalpaKunal Maternity_Blog.jpg-2

Jalpa + Kunal

These two expect to meet their baby girl any day now, and they seem as prepared as any first time parents can be. They had their babymoon last summer, exploring the wild west, and are now in the final countdown days before meeting their daughter. Personally, I can’t wait to meet her and click a million sweet, sleeping baby photos 🙂 One thing’s for sure—with these two as parents, she’ll be one very lucky (and very pretty!) baby girl. Congratulations, you guys!
FrecklesAndLocks20130525_JalpaKunal_Maternity-1 FrecklesAndLocks20130525_JalpaKunal_Maternity-2

Boski + Dhrunal

These two are getting married in Pennsylvania next August, but we first celebrated their engagement in style. Just look at all the details and work on her gorgeous sari. And the smiles in their eyes.




Sharen + Sahib

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with some pictures of love. Sharen & Sahib’s engagement was a beautifully heartfelt and touching ceremony at her brother’s clubhouse in Atlantic Station. These two braved the wind & cold for a few portraits beforehand, and then moved inside to the warm surroundings of family & friends, prayers & food. They not only celebrated their engagement this day, but also their aunt & uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. Tales of love, I told you! Happy Valentine’s, friends!
FrecklesAndLocks_20121222_SahibSharen_Hindu_Engagement_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks_20121222_SahibSharen_Hindu_Engagement_1-2

Laura + Eric

Okay, you guys. Things just might get a little cheesy on the blog today, so feel free to scroll past my rambles and straight to the photos at the bottom! Because today I’m going to talk about how I have the most amazing family. And how recently, the Sonderman brothers & sisters have grown +1.Because, this bride is my baby sister.

First things first, though. These photos are all Nirmal’s– the obvious choice to photograph their day, because he has crazy talent. So, you know, duh. And our friend Shawn came in as a relief-photographer during the reception, because Nirmal likes to dance, and because Shawn also has crazy talent 🙂

My sister is adorably and hilariously quirky. She makes me laugh all the time. She’s brilliant in any conversation, and my go-to for all advice and answers. She has always been good at everything: soccer, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, school. She skipped her Senior year at highschool to start college… …which is when she met the love of her life– her lobster, if you will. Eric is equally as funny. And stupidly smart. And talented. And full of encouragement (which is a welcomed quality in our very sarcastic family!) And I may have jumped the gun a little thinking my siblings were the only awesome people out there, because then Eric came along, and he’s that other brother we never knew we missed. So Eric and Laura now get to live happily ever after, reveling for the rest of their lives in each other’s brilliance and hilarity and adorableness. Welcome to the family, Eric. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect match for my baby sister, and for our whole family. I love both of you beautiful people so, so much.

Okay, so now for the reason all you guys are here– the photos! Quick wedding details first: They married at the Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth, GA. It’s a smaller, all-inclusive venue, so they kept their wedding party limited to Eric’s best friend, Beth, as his “Best Beth” and me as Laura’s maid-of-honor. They also had their ceremony officiated by Eric’s step-brother. Close, intimate, and just so perfect.

FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-2 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-3-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-3-2 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-5-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-5-2

Amanda + Chris

A wedding is always a happy day for couples (and for their the guests!) But these two…. just look at these faces… this is some other level of happy. Those grins? Glued to their faces just like that all day long. It was a beautiful thing to be around. We had so much fun following these two and all of their guests around the picture-perfect venue, A Place to Share, in Villa Rica, GA. You might notice one photo in here where the bride & groom aren’t wearing their trademark smiles– when it was time to exchange rings, they noticed the ring pillow was empty. Luckily, a guest was able to retrace the ring bearer’s steps and find both rings safely waiting in the grass. And then all the smiles returned 🙂 Hope you guys like the pictures!

FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-2FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-2

Tulsi + Krunal

These two got to meet their beautiful daughter, Rayna, exactly one week after I chased them around Duluth with my camera. Not only was Tulsi a total sport for the whole session, she was still working the day before Rayna was born (in the office Friday, having a baby Saturday!) Amazing and maybe totally crazy 😉 Now they’re all happily home, loving their beautiful girl every second they get. And don’t worry, you’ll get to see the newborn photos very soon! But for now, see how they spent their final weekend before becoming their new, beautiful family of 3.
ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-5ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-13ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-11 ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-10ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-7ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-19ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-15ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-3ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-18ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-9ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-6ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-16

Jordan + Mark

This wedding wins weddings, and not to mention, a total winning bride. Biased? Why do you ask? Yes, she’s my cousin. And yes, it’s still all true :)Lake Michigan in June just might be the perfect setting for a wedding, and add to that the crazy creative, artistic talent of both of these families, including the bride and groom themselves. Mark is a potter, and handcrafted the little tumblers with the wedding date stamped on the bottom as gifts for each guest. Jordan is an artist, and chalked the personal, meaningful circle on the spot where they said their vows. The family created the photo booth wall for the reception, surrounded by pictures of both families.

The groom’s family hosted a bonfire on the lake the night before the wedding for all of the family and friends, then the ceremony was held at the Elberta Life Saving Station the next evening. All in all, it was a perfectly beautiful weekend, but enough of my babble, see for yourself!

wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-58 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-70
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-61 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-104
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-113 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-115
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-117 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-124
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-134 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-140 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-142
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-149 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-145
ESP20120630 JordanMark-13
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-175 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-179 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-186
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-227 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-222
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-196 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-231
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-251 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-259 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-269wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-264 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-276 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-287wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-270 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-296 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-307 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-301 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-302 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-305
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-326 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-329
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-331 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-334
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-359 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-361 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-362 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-364

Amisha + Kojo

These two got married a year ago and came to us this year asking for some fun photos to document their one year of married bliss. So Amisha, Kojo, Nirmal and I ran around Piedmont Park one Sunday evening to do just that. They laugh so, so much together, and we had a blast capturing it. Keep scrolling to see some of the crazy fun we had.
FrecklesAndLocks20120506_AmishaKojo_Engagement_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120506_AmishaKojo_Engagement_1-2

Kathryn + Dhaval

So, we’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that blogging’s apparently not our thing. However, we’re forever standing by the claim that taking pictures totally is 🙂 So in an effort to share more pictures with you, and to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting our clumsy words with all of them, we’re going to start talking a lot less, and showing photos a lot more. That’s our plan, anyway. We’ll see if we’re any better at that :)Now, with nothing more than a quick introduction of the fabulous Kathryn & Dhaval who had a very beautiful and fun engagement Puja, feel free to imagine yourself there by living it through the photos below that Nirmal and I had an absolute blast taking! Thanks so much for having us join you guys, we seriously had the best time!

wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-27  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-30
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-2  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-3
ESP20120527 KathrynDhavalEngagementSP (5)
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-6  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-11
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-8  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-13
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-152
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-131  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-110

wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-121  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-181
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-203  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-198
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-390  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-392
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-334  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-335
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-332  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-343
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-376


Tina + Bhavik

WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (47)
This gorgeous couple is about to welcome one more gorgeous family member any day now.
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (11)  WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (4)
At 8 months pregnant, Tina allowed us to trek all around Inman Park looking for some sweet spots to shoot…
… and I do mean alllll around.  (We might have gotten a little carried away chasing the sun.)
But in our defense, look how much fun that evening light can be. Worth it?
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (9)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (52) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (53)
They were both great sports, smiling and laughing the whole time, telling us stories of how they met.
And, of course, plenty of excited baby-preparation talk.
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (40)WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (41)WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (42)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (17) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (16)
Just a few more weeks to go, guys! We can’t wait to meet the little guy and capture all of his newborn beauty.
That’ll be a whole lotta good looks in one photo… let’s hope the camera can handle it Winking smile
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (63) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (67)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (55)


Shruti + Nilesh

We just got to spend the most amazing Labor Day weekend in Greenville, SC at the wedding of this crazy cute couple. (That’s crazy-cute, btw, not like crazy!! dotdotdot and cute. You know… just… for the record 😉 ).
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-104
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-101 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-100
They really are so much fun, both so friendly and funny, laughing alllll the time. And, have I mentioned, brilliant? There is seriously a whole lotta brain between these two! So these photos are from their engagement shoot where we spent the morning wandering around Atlanta, focusing a lot of our time on the Georgia Tech campus where they met.
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-14
ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-22 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-65
This just may have set the record for our longest engagement session ever. (Luckily, we started it off right with a box of the amaaazing specialty doughnuts from Sublime Doughnuts. If you haven’t been, and live anywhere near Atlanta, go, and go now. And get the sweet potato doughnut. Trust me. Brown sugar, cream cheese heaven. Heaven!!!) Aaaand. Back to Shruti & Nilesh’s love.
It was so hard to wrap up this shoot because, aside from these two being such a ridiculously good looking couple, not to mention down for all the crazy pose ideas we wanted to try, they’re just so much fun to be around… as I’m sure their 10 groomsmen/bridesmaids each, in addition to the hundreds more adoring friends and family members who attended the wedding this weekend would gladly attest to.

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-25

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-61 ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-27
You guys are seriously adorable.
Thanks so much for trusting us with your photos and for inviting us along for your incredible celebration. We can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had, and how incredibly welcoming and friendly both of your families are. It was truly an awesome weekend. We wish you two all the very best. Now that the big part is done, kick back, relax and have a blast on your honeymoon!

ESP20110423 ShrutiNilesh-35
P.S. Did you notice we’re trying out our new logo (giant thanks to Erin Harden for all your long, hard work and patience with our indecisiveness!)– what do you guys think???

Sarah + Jason

Apartment hunting and moving are never fun. (Erin Interjects!: Can I second that? I don’t think I can even articulate just how seriously it’s never, ever fun.) It equates to countless hours of packing and then comes the dreaded moving day where you do anything in your power to cajole your friends to participate and ease the heartache a little. (Erin Interjects! again: Unless you just pay professionals… which is my practice… which still doesn’t ease the heartache of packing… so I think that takes us right back to the inevitable heartache.)

WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (9)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (34) WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (33)

EXCEPT ….when you’re in love. (Erin Interjects!: Awwww. Sweeeeet.) Moving into a new place with the one you love serves as a whole new experience, putting a much more positive spin on such a dreaded activity. Seemingly futile efforts at finding the right place become fun topics of conversation, the long dreadful hours of packing are made more enjoyable by spending more time with the one you love, and moving day is no longer painful but an arduous task promising fruitful surprises right after it’s all done. (Erin Interjects!: Um. I’m going to say moving still stinks? But maybe it’s slightly better… but…? No? Too Negative Nancy? Sorry, forget I said that! Moral of the story, Sarah & Jason moved in together, into an adorable new apartment, and once they were mostly settled in, we stopped by to document them in their first home together!)

WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (36)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (15) WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (14)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (16)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (13)

Sarah and Jason are two of our favorite people in this world. They are both so funny, quirky, incredibly loving and completely full of life. (Can we do Erin Interjects! again?: Also, Sarah, being an expert thrifter, decorated their 1930’s Virginia Highlands apartment with such adorable, colorful, artistic touches. I really wish I had that skill. Sarah, when you start giving thrifting classes, sign me up first, please!) The apartment echoes their personalities as soon as you walk in the door.

WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (5) WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (3)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (2)

We started off the shoot inside trying to capture the couple and their furry friend in some goofy, unique poses. (Erin Interjects!: We always laugh a lot with our couples, but with these guys, it was non-stop. They were non-stop! Trying to capture them in any position was next to impossible, as they would only stop moving and laughing for a split second before they were striking some crazy new pose… for another split-second. Not that I’m complaining, it’s an awesome challenge to have!)

WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (8)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (43) WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (39)
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (42)
When we moved outside, we were fighting the dying light. Their spontaneity, along with the dying light, made it hard to capture crisp photos, and proved to us why you never take your eyes away… even for a millisecond.
WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (49)

Even so, this was one of the most colorful shoots we have had in terms of location, clothing and personalities. Seriously, you guys rock!

WM ESP20110418 SarahJason (50)