Amanda + Chris

A wedding is always a happy day for couples (and for their the guests!) But these two…. just look at these faces… this is some other level of happy. Those grins? Glued to their faces just like that all day long. It was a beautiful thing to be around. We had so much fun following these two and all of their guests around the picture-perfect venue, A Place to Share, in Villa Rica, GA. You might notice one photo in here where the bride & groom aren’t wearing their trademark smiles– when it was time to exchange rings, they noticed the ring pillow was empty. Luckily, a guest was able to retrace the ring bearer’s steps and find both rings safely waiting in the grass. And then all the smiles returned 🙂 Hope you guys like the pictures!

FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-2FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120811_AmandaChris_Wedding_Collage1-2


Not so long ago, these two lovebirds tied the knot, and today you all get to meet their newest family member, Denton Charles. Check out his beautiful, sleeping face– you guys, he kept smiling in his dreams. Dreamy little baby grins. Try to tell me you’ve ever seen anything sweeter.



ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-1 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-8

ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-10 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-15


ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-20 ESP20121226_KimberlyFamily_WM-22


Grier Family

You’ve seen these faces here before. This time, though, there’s a new member: the 3 month old beautiful blue-eyed, Lilly! Jackson & Connor are two super silly and totally loveable boys who I know their baby sister will adore, and of course vice versa– they’re a lucky little trio. And I’m one lucky photographer getting to run around with this crowd, they’re a fun bunch with beautiful smiles, which makes my job oh-so easy!
ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (1)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (10) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (13)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (5) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (17)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (3) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (4)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (9)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (12) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (15)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (14) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (11)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (18)ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (16) ESP20121118_GrierFamilyChristmas_WM (19)

Woody, Julie & Claire (and gang)

Please (pretty please) let me introduce you guys to Claire, with her stunning blue eyes and adorably toothy grin. We headed a little west of Carrollton, GA to the Shiloh Walking Trail where she posed alongside her parents, Julie & Woody, who are some of the cutest parents alive– I completely adore this family. In addition to capturing photos of her family of 3, Julie wanted a family photo with her brothers, their wives, mom & dad, and all 6 awesome grandbabies. Meet sweet Claire and her super cute family:

ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-4aESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-4 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-5ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-22ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-9ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-10ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-17 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-6 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-20ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-7 ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-8ESP20121110 ColemanHardens_WM-13


As promised in our last post, you may now fall in love with the big brown eyes of beautiful Rayna, along with her proud mom & dad, and I’ll even toss in a cameo of the doting grandparents– such a gorgeous and super sweet family. Congratulations you guys, she’s absolutely perfect!

ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-3 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-12 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-13 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-2 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-4 ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-9ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-11ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-8ESP20121111 BabyRaynaPatel_WM-6

Tulsi + Krunal

These two got to meet their beautiful daughter, Rayna, exactly one week after I chased them around Duluth with my camera. Not only was Tulsi a total sport for the whole session, she was still working the day before Rayna was born (in the office Friday, having a baby Saturday!) Amazing and maybe totally crazy 😉 Now they’re all happily home, loving their beautiful girl every second they get. And don’t worry, you’ll get to see the newborn photos very soon! But for now, see how they spent their final weekend before becoming their new, beautiful family of 3.
ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-5ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-13ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-11 ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-10ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-7ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-19ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-15ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-3ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-18ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-9ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-6ESP20121013 TulsiKrunal_WM-16

Jordan + Mark

This wedding wins weddings, and not to mention, a total winning bride. Biased? Why do you ask? Yes, she’s my cousin. And yes, it’s still all true :)Lake Michigan in June just might be the perfect setting for a wedding, and add to that the crazy creative, artistic talent of both of these families, including the bride and groom themselves. Mark is a potter, and handcrafted the little tumblers with the wedding date stamped on the bottom as gifts for each guest. Jordan is an artist, and chalked the personal, meaningful circle on the spot where they said their vows. The family created the photo booth wall for the reception, surrounded by pictures of both families.

The groom’s family hosted a bonfire on the lake the night before the wedding for all of the family and friends, then the ceremony was held at the Elberta Life Saving Station the next evening. All in all, it was a perfectly beautiful weekend, but enough of my babble, see for yourself!

wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-58 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-70
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-61 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-104
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-113 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-115
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-117 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-124
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-134 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-140 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-142
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-149 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-145
ESP20120630 JordanMark-13
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-175 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-179 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-186
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-227 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-222
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-196 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-231
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-251 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-259 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-269wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-264 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-276 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-287wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-270 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-296 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-307 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-301 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-302 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-305
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-326 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-329
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-331 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-334
wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-359 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-361 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-362 wmESP20120630_JordanMarkWedding-364

Amisha + Kojo

These two got married a year ago and came to us this year asking for some fun photos to document their one year of married bliss. So Amisha, Kojo, Nirmal and I ran around Piedmont Park one Sunday evening to do just that. They laugh so, so much together, and we had a blast capturing it. Keep scrolling to see some of the crazy fun we had.
FrecklesAndLocks20120506_AmishaKojo_Engagement_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20120506_AmishaKojo_Engagement_1-2

Kathryn + Dhaval

So, we’re slowly coming to terms with the fact that blogging’s apparently not our thing. However, we’re forever standing by the claim that taking pictures totally is 🙂 So in an effort to share more pictures with you, and to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting our clumsy words with all of them, we’re going to start talking a lot less, and showing photos a lot more. That’s our plan, anyway. We’ll see if we’re any better at that :)Now, with nothing more than a quick introduction of the fabulous Kathryn & Dhaval who had a very beautiful and fun engagement Puja, feel free to imagine yourself there by living it through the photos below that Nirmal and I had an absolute blast taking! Thanks so much for having us join you guys, we seriously had the best time!

wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-27  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-30
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-2  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-3
ESP20120527 KathrynDhavalEngagementSP (5)
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-6  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-11
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-8  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-13
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-152
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-131  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-110

wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-121  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-181
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-203  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-198
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-390  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-392
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-334  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-335
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-332  wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-343
wmESP20110527 KathrynDhaval-376


Culture Connect: Staying Healthy

Chlorophyll provides the green pigment.
Carotene provides a yellowish spectrum in the cell chloroplast.
Anthocyanins make apples red.
CO2 + H2O with light & chlorophyll –> O2 + C(H2O)
How fun is all of that to know? (Besides the random chemical equation of course… unless that’s your style?) That is exactly what happened during this event that we photographed. Culture Connect, Inc. did an educational workshop for their youth on ways to stay healthy by focusing on fruits, vegetables and exercise.
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-1 ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-42
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-15

While snacking on some of the colorful foods they were studying, the kids competed in a fun version of
Diet Jeopardy to review everything they’d just learned.
Alex Trebek should keep an eye out for these awesome smart kids in the future…
cause they were going straight for the 500 points and hitting them EVERY single time!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-3

Next up were the Capoeira experts from Capoeira Maculele to demonstrate some of the artful dance/martial arts moves.
While the instructors are incredibly happy and fun-loving people, they did take a moment to explain that Capoeira was an art form that was both graceful, and at the same time… deadly.

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-36ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-40
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-30
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-37ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-39

Ian translated Mestre Fran’s beautiful Portuguese explanations for everybody, describing the foundation and fun of Capoeira along with the importance of physical activity.

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-41ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-48
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-44

Then it was time for everyone to get active: a quick demonstration, explanation, aaand action!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-24ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-25ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-27
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-16
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-10 ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-19
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-65
ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-57ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-66

This was such a special and fun experience for us. Thanks again, guys—from the looks of the shot below, you had as much fun as we did!

ESP20111022 CCStayingHealthy-86

Beth + Devon

Adorable Devon and his beautiful mom, Beth, came to hang out with us while we took some pictures of just the two of them doing what they do best: hanging out, goofing off, loving each other. And we, of course, loved every minute of it! Such cuteness!

WM20111016 BethDevin-30

We quickly learned that Devon is a super fun boy’s boy, constantly on the go, not stopping for a second, always looking for the next height to jump from and beam to balance on … and camera to run away from Winking smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-14
WM20111016 BethDevin-15
So obviously everyone loves the giant smiles and crazy faces that energy overload brings out in photos. But an equal favorite of ours is that post-run-around, brink of exhaustion, looking straight into the camera for a super sweet second. Just. Like. This.

WM20111016 BethDevin-23

And moments like this…
WM20111016 BethDevin-4 WM20111016 BethDevin-3
Of course that only lasts for a second, because a 6 year old’s tank does the Empty to Full refill in 1.6 seconds Smile
WM20111016 BethDevin-43 WM20111016 BethDevin-45
WM20111016 BethDevin-55
Beth and Devon, we’ll happily chase you two around with a camera anytime! Seriously: any! time!
WM20111016 BethDevin-49 WM20111016 BethDevin-22
WM20111016 BethDevin-31

Scout + Friends

One entire year has already gone by since this lovely’s very first (and actual) birthday, and seriously she just gets prettier and prettier by the day.
 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-31 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-43
Sometimes I wonder if I’m being biased bragging about her beauty, given that her mother is
(a) a fellow Erin, and really, what’s not to love about that? and…
(b) more importantly, one of my all-time best friends from a lonnggg way back.
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-55
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-25WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-12
But then I look at these pictures, and am reminded that I’m insane, and this kind of beauty just can’t be argued.
Her eyes! Those lips! The crinkled-nose angry face! Come on.

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-27

WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-36WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-10
She celebrated her first year in style, with Bubble Guppies cakes (homemade by her mom and ultra-talented friend Kris!)
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-3 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-40
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOnePreview-3 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-29
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-4
Also homemade by this dynamic duo? The birthday girl’s tutu and pink headband. I know! Shut!Up! Those two are incredible.
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-97 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-74
All of Scout’s best friends were there too, digging into the cake, candy, goody bags and, of course, the inflatable jumping… gym… thing…
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-17 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-22
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-6 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-77
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-88 WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-37
And now for some of my favorite moments of the day:
Sorry to break it to you, love, but boys don’t really get funnier with age Winking smile
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-94
…but give them a chance, they definitely have their sweet sides, too. Smile
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-96
Happy 1st birthday, beautiful Scout Hazel! I cannot wait to watch you grow more and more beautiful each year!
WM ESP20110911 ScoutsOne-56

Tina + Bhavik

WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (47)
This gorgeous couple is about to welcome one more gorgeous family member any day now.
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (11)  WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (4)
At 8 months pregnant, Tina allowed us to trek all around Inman Park looking for some sweet spots to shoot…
… and I do mean alllll around.  (We might have gotten a little carried away chasing the sun.)
But in our defense, look how much fun that evening light can be. Worth it?
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (9)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (52) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (53)
They were both great sports, smiling and laughing the whole time, telling us stories of how they met.
And, of course, plenty of excited baby-preparation talk.
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (40)WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (41)WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (42)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (17) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (16)
Just a few more weeks to go, guys! We can’t wait to meet the little guy and capture all of his newborn beauty.
That’ll be a whole lotta good looks in one photo… let’s hope the camera can handle it Winking smile
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (63) WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (67)
WM ESP20111001 TinaBhavikMaternityProofs (55)



Meet Marlee. Take all the time you’d like to ooh and ahh over this squishy, cuddly little newborn with her adorable little newborn fingers and toes.

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-4WM20110619 MarleeDollar-3

WM20110619 MarleeDollar-18
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-5WM20110619 MarleeDollar-34
This little girl is lucky enough to have been born to two hilarious and brilliant parents, with an equally as funny and brilliant older brother, Mason.
They’re one of those smart, funny, adorable families everyone wants to be …or at least be best friends with 🙂
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-21WM20110619 MarleeDollar-44WM20110619 MarleeDollar-43
Mason finds it endlessly entertaining that his new baby sister doesn’t always find it necessary to open both eyes at the same time.
In the above center picture, he’s doing his best Marlee-Popeye imitation. And before long, he had the whole family joining in.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-28
Sleep all you can now, Miss Marlee, rest up for this goofy, fun, sweet life ahead of you.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-7 
Sweet moments with mom, dad and brother.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-26 WM20110619 MarleeDollar-29
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-41
Can’t wait to watch you grow, Marlee! You’re a lucky little girl with an awesome, loving family to grow up with.
WM20110619 MarleeDollar-46