Adam + Julie + Jackson + Conner + Lilly

We love this family. These three kids keep us laughing the entire session, every time, and we always leave exhausted from running around, acting our silliest, and trying our best to hang with a 2, 5 and 7 year old. Nothing beats this job, getting to chase laughter around with our cameras. Nothing beats it.

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Aanya: 1 year

You’ll remember these smiles from Aanya’s newborn photos here and Jalpa’s maternity session here, and even back from the baby shower here. Isn’t it the best watching these babies grow up, and seeing their personalities take on their parents’? We love these guys. Enjoy our latest session with Aanya’s family!

FL20140628 Aanya_1yr_blog-1

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Aryana: 6 months

As I was editing these pictures, I couldn’t stop thinking how happy Aryana will be to have them one day. Look at the adoring smiles on her parents faces in every single photo. She is one very loved, and very lucky little girl!

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Harrison: 6 months

Harrison has some of the bluest baby blues I’ve ever seen. I might’ve found myself a little side-tracked with my editing, just staring at the screen, lost in his eyes. (And in his tiny sear-sucker pants– have you ever seen anything cuter??) I don’t know how his parents ever get anything done with this much cuteness around.

FrecklesandLocks 20140517 Harrison_blog-1

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After shooting for over 4 years, I still didn’t have a good photo of my parents. Daytona changed that dilemma real fast. We took a detour on our ride back from Disney and drove through Daytona Beach. The beach was pretty deserted because it was freezing. This didn’t stop us from getting out and taking some photos of the family. Who knew my dad was a model and didn’t mind posing for me? Probably the best photo I got of him ever. I am lucky enough to have a portrait of him which I can cherish forever. I cannot stress how important it is to get pictures of people you love. No matter what you take it with – a fancy dslr, an old film camera, your phone – whatever you take it with, it will be totally worth it. Go get them portraits!

Daytona-1 Daytona-2

Universal and Disney World

Right after we got married, since we had like a 1000 people (actually 4) visit from India, a road trip was mandatory. Unfortunately, since we were honeymooning in Quebec within days, my wife decided not to join us on the trip. It was definitely a tough decision, and I considered not going. However, in the end I decided to go with the group. I cannot stress how glad I am that I made that decision. It was my last vacation with my dad and every minute of the trip was worth it. Disney has always been on my parents list and being able to do it along with their closest friends and relatives made them very happy. Who cares that they didn’t ride a majority of the rides? Who cares that the weather was below freezing and we had to be bundled up? Who cares that back home, my brother’s house had a pipe burst and flood his garage? Not us!

These days, when I go back through the images, I can hear my dad say “You told me Florida was warm!” Fake out, dad.



Man, we love us some newborns! Look at these cuddly chubby cheeks and itty bitty baby fingers. Harrison is maximum cuteness, and his parents are maximum funny. We had such a good time posing Harrison and hanging out with his mom & dad. And just in time for Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for a Santa Newborn cameo a little further down…


FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1c FrecklesAndLocks20131117_HarrisonGrier_Newborn_1d


As promised, newborn photos! She peacefully snoozed through almost the entire session, except for a handful of very short times. And when she woke up, she woke up yawning. Adorably. Hope you guys enjoy these photos of beautiful Aanya!

FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks20130622_Aanya_Newborn_1-2


Jalpa + Kunal

These two expect to meet their baby girl any day now, and they seem as prepared as any first time parents can be. They had their babymoon last summer, exploring the wild west, and are now in the final countdown days before meeting their daughter. Personally, I can’t wait to meet her and click a million sweet, sleeping baby photos 🙂 One thing’s for sure—with these two as parents, she’ll be one very lucky (and very pretty!) baby girl. Congratulations, you guys!
FrecklesAndLocks20130525_JalpaKunal_Maternity-1 FrecklesAndLocks20130525_JalpaKunal_Maternity-2

Boski + Dhrunal

These two are getting married in Pennsylvania next August, but we first celebrated their engagement in style. Just look at all the details and work on her gorgeous sari. And the smiles in their eyes.




Sharen + Sahib

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with some pictures of love. Sharen & Sahib’s engagement was a beautifully heartfelt and touching ceremony at her brother’s clubhouse in Atlantic Station. These two braved the wind & cold for a few portraits beforehand, and then moved inside to the warm surroundings of family & friends, prayers & food. They not only celebrated their engagement this day, but also their aunt & uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. Tales of love, I told you! Happy Valentine’s, friends!
FrecklesAndLocks_20121222_SahibSharen_Hindu_Engagement_1-1 FrecklesAndLocks_20121222_SahibSharen_Hindu_Engagement_1-2

Laura + Eric

Okay, you guys. Things just might get a little cheesy on the blog today, so feel free to scroll past my rambles and straight to the photos at the bottom! Because today I’m going to talk about how I have the most amazing family. And how recently, the Sonderman brothers & sisters have grown +1.Because, this bride is my baby sister.

First things first, though. These photos are all Nirmal’s– the obvious choice to photograph their day, because he has crazy talent. So, you know, duh. And our friend Shawn came in as a relief-photographer during the reception, because Nirmal likes to dance, and because Shawn also has crazy talent 🙂

My sister is adorably and hilariously quirky. She makes me laugh all the time. She’s brilliant in any conversation, and my go-to for all advice and answers. She has always been good at everything: soccer, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, school. She skipped her Senior year at highschool to start college… …which is when she met the love of her life– her lobster, if you will. Eric is equally as funny. And stupidly smart. And talented. And full of encouragement (which is a welcomed quality in our very sarcastic family!) And I may have jumped the gun a little thinking my siblings were the only awesome people out there, because then Eric came along, and he’s that other brother we never knew we missed. So Eric and Laura now get to live happily ever after, reveling for the rest of their lives in each other’s brilliance and hilarity and adorableness. Welcome to the family, Eric. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect match for my baby sister, and for our whole family. I love both of you beautiful people so, so much.

Okay, so now for the reason all you guys are here– the photos! Quick wedding details first: They married at the Conservatory at Waterstone in Acworth, GA. It’s a smaller, all-inclusive venue, so they kept their wedding party limited to Eric’s best friend, Beth, as his “Best Beth” and me as Laura’s maid-of-honor. They also had their ceremony officiated by Eric’s step-brother. Close, intimate, and just so perfect.

FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-2 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-3-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-3-2 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-5-1 FrecklesAndLocks20121229_LauraEricWedding_Blog-5-2