Newborn sessions tend to take the most time and undoubtedly the most patience, and I, for one, can’t think of anything I’d rather spend my time doing. First-time parents Jenn & Kevin seem like old pros, but I guess how can you not when your main job is to love this sweet face.

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Jenn + Kevin

We tend to schedule sessions outside, chasing kids around parks, posing newly engaged couples beneath trees, which of course we love. But these two wanted their photos at home, and I love how they turned out. Besides the fact it was bitingly cold outside that day (you know, as biting as Atlanta gets), their home is so stylish and cozy and full of a sentimentality that makes the moments they share in these photos that much more special– quiet moments in their baby girl’s nursery, the stunning bench/church pew that Jenn’s grandparents got from her great-grandparents’ church. We can’t wait to photograph their baby girl in a few weeks on that bench, and in her nursery and, of course, in her parents’ arms.

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Vishal + Ntasha + Aryana + Elmo

Aryana let us know over and over again that Elmo is a part of this family, and this shoot will not happen without him. The girl is fiercely loyal, and we respect that. Plus, who doesn’t love Elmo. He’s welcome at a Freckles + Locks shoot any old time.

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Kallar, Kerala, India

One of the highlights of this trip to India was a night at the river house in Kallar. Within 24 hours, we were lucky enough to play in the sunshine, and relax in the rain. We swam in crystal clear water, hiked the countryside, watched the rain fall while sipping tea from the patio. We’ve added this one to our must-do every time we make it back overseas… a list that just keeps growing…

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Palakkad, Kerala, India

When we visit India, one of our first stops is Palakkad to see Nirmal’s family. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited– but then again I am a sucker for palm trees, colorful flowers, and beautiful, green countryside around every corner, as far as the eye can see. So if you like that kind of thing too, hopefully you’ll enjoy this post! And, if these don’t satisfy your palm tree cravings, scroll through our India Instagrams for a few iPhone photos.

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Be warned: your newborn photo session might be 90% baby toes. We can’t help ourselves. They are The Cutest. Capitalized. Maybe toes tie with yawns. We love them both. Newborns are our jam. The sweetest new parent cuddles, sleeping baby grins, teeny tiny toes, the gigantic yawns… take a look for yourself.

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Scout Turns 5

When your best friend’s daughter turns 5, you slumber party and celebrate three days in a row, because that’s the way to birthday. The birthday girl also wakes up to heart-shaped waffles, and bacon, and orange juice, and homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. Because that is also how you birthday. And OFCOURSE, if you’re a kid during this Frozen era, you have a party with Anna and Elsa, because no one these days, and I mean No. One. compares to Anna and Elsa.

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Meet the newest, sweetest, tiniest Cherry. She had a tiny tummy ache, which seemed to be soothed pretty quickly by cuddles and big brother smooches. Newborns, you guys, GAH. I can’t.

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Amanda + Chris

We love watching our families grow. We started with the Cherry wedding back in 2012, a newborn a year later, and here’s another maternity… which of course means there’s a 2nd newborn on the way, this time with big brother watching over everyone.

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Aarav’s shoot was a breeze. His sister definitely helped set the scene and I think our favorite shot is the two of them sleeping amidst all the teddy bears. Absolutely love it. Enjoy this one and keep an eye out for Aarav. Daddy has already started coaching him in cricket. The next American cricketer has arrived.

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Jalpa + Kunal

These two three have been here before, and they’ll be here again as soon as their 4th family member arrives! This time we ran around the park until we were all too tired to run anymore, which is our preferred way to photo shoot.

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Stephanie + Dan

Excited glances, nervous smiles, giddy giggling from the bride and groom with sweet ceremony moments and even sweeter dance moves at the reception. That’s so our kind of wedding.

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Aren’t newborn yawns the best? Sweet Meadow was a tiny bit restless on this cold, rainy afternoon, but after enough photo-shooting and costume changes, she was finally ready for her long-awaited nap. And that’s when my favorite newborn photos happen 🙂 Enjoy!

FL20141123 Meadow_Newborn_BlogCollages-1 FL20141123 Meadow_Newborn_BlogCollages-2

Harrison: 1 year

I have so loved watching this guy grow this past year. You can go back to his newborn session, and his 6 months to see how much he’s changed, but also kept his same brilliant blue eyes and chubby, chubby cheeks, and, of course, adoring parents. I was telling Harrison’s mom, Melissa, that while I edit, I can’t help thinking how pictures are one of the most valuable heirlooms a family can have. These are precious for us to look at, yes, and now imagine Harrison showing his own kids one day.

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